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  • Five Common Sleeper Costs of Home Buying

    Friday, January 8, 2016   /   by Chad Schwendeman

    Five Common Sleeper Costs of Home Buying

    If you are embarking on buying a home in Brainerd, MN for the very first time, you may be wondering what to expect. While this is an exciting and adventurous moment in your life, it can also be very stressful. The best way to have a smooth and seamless transition from renting to buying is by getting all the facts ahead of time. If you are concerned about breaking the bank, make sure to read up on our picks for five common sleeper costs, so you can make room in your budget for these potential expenses and be prepared.

    1. Paint – Out of all the expenses out there, many home buyers don’t even bat an eye at the thought of painting all the rooms inside their new property. However, if you have just purchased a large amount of space, you may be looking at an unexpectedly high bill once all the paint cans, brushes, and other tools have been purchased.

    2. Lawn Maintenance – Oftentimes, home buyers are focusing solely on the costs of the property itself, and forgetting to factor in the expenses incurred in maintaining the lawn. For a buyer moving from an apartment to a house, they may need to purchase a lawn mower, leaf blower, fertilizer, hedge trimmer, and a weed wacker in order to keep the lawn looking manicured and polished.

    3. Cable Installation – When it comes to cable installation, you may have to pay an initial fee if you are moving to a new property that has not been set up for cable beforehand. While you may be expecting to simply pay a monthly cable bill, you should also prepare for this one-off fee depending on the type of home you are moving to.

    4. Utility Costs – If you are used to paying a certain rate for your utilities each month, you may find that your electric, gas, and water bill will rise when you relocate. Depending on your new location, you should prepare yourself for a change in that monthly cost. Also, if you are moving to a property that has never had utility services set up, you will need to pay a fee to initiate that.

    5. Moving Costs – When you are planning to move into your new home, you will need to hire a moving company to help you make that possible, or rent a truck for the day. Either way, these expenses may be more costly than initially anticipated, so you will want to set aside some funds for the transition from the old house to the new property.

    At the end of the day, we can’t predict the future and it’s impossible to know which sleeper costs you will be dealing with, but by being armed with all the information ahead of time, you will be mentally and financially prepared if these expenses do come up. For more information on buying a home in Brainerd, MN, visit us here today!